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Our faculty members come with tons of hands-on work experience in their respective subjects apart from academic training and teaching expertise.

We believe that training people to become valuable in the workplace requires trainers/teachers who are not academicians alone.

Which is why one of the key differentiators that sets us apart from other similar institutes is the vintage of practical work experience that our faculty brings into our classrooms.

In fact, we don’t partner with anyone with less than 10 years of corporate experience. So without further ado, let’s introduce you to some of our faculty who have been chosen with immense care to help you get ahead in life !

Suresh Joseph

Industry Experience : 25+

Domain Expertise : Logistics, Supply Chain


Industry Experience : 25+ Years

Domain Expertise: Sales, Marketing

Arun Annamalai

Industry Experience : 12+ Years

Domain Expertise : ERP, Supply Chain


Industry Experience : 30+ Years

Domain Expertise : Shipping, Logistics


Industry Experience : 15+ Years

Domain Expertise: Production, Operations

Mrs.Preeti Gopal

Industry Experience : 12+ Years

Domain Expertise : Marketing, Sales