For the past one year, I had different kinds of experience from TSBL. The staffs, who all are taking lectures is very good. I got more knowledge from them.  There are certain things, which I can learn only from this kind of person not from others. First semester I had different experience and from second semester I had entirely different one. I learnt more about the finance, marketing etc. I did more projects based on the subjects; it gave me a deep understanding about the subjects. – Vigneshwaran .C, MBA 2012

Academic excellence and superb faculty is expected from any specialized b-school particularly when you travelled thousand miles to pursue your dream degree. The TSBL has lecturers with interesting insights into current best industry practice and rather than being weary from the academic format, I found some of the lecturers to be the most interesting and inspiring people I’ve met, their style particularly strengthened by the intimate class room environment. The practical skills backed by academic knowledge have given me the confidence to pursue a career in any aspect of supply chain. The relatively small b-school and class size made it an intimate and enjoyable time with friendships formed with classmates and faculty alike. The dedication, support and motivation of each of the staffs and faculties are remarkable and enable students like myself to achieve their dreams! – Binay Kumar, MBA 2012

The best things about TSBL are Faculty-Led Lecturers (Corporate Faculty). Guest Speakers. Individual preparation and Group activities. Campus Interview (100% Placement).  Yes, I would highly recommend TSBL because it has been a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot here, both academically and personally. My mentors, right from the beginning identified my strengths and provided opportunities galore to refine them. I recommend every aspiring student coming out of the school to experience TSBL and enrich their lives. These 2 years at The School of Business Logistics have enhanced my learning curve. The College provided me numerous platforms to showcase my talent. The faculty were very supportive and helped me throughout. I thank everybody at TSBL for helping me to become what I am today. – Manikandan, MBA 2011

I have learned how to grow in a positive way in my life.  All the faculty are the best. Great ambience. Curriculum structure is well designed. I recommend TSBL because of the faculty members and their experience. I have learnt many good things , how to achieve goal . – Ajith Kannan, MBA 2012

Its my pleasure to share my experience and comments on my collage TSBL. The learning experience in TSBL is totally a separate system when compared to other institute, the faculty members are more  experienced in the subject matter. Which help was to learn their work experience and also the subject knowledge clearly. The best things about TSBL are : The learning experience with the work experienced faculties. The friends (students) studying with me are been placed in different different industries, which help us to get new contacts in the working environment. The last but not the least, TSBL provide us with good PLACEMENT facilities in many best logistics companies. Logistics and supply chain industries seems to have a huge growth in the future industrial market, which can help the young students to gain more subject knowledge in a college like TSBL. , – Paul Vasanth, MBA 2014

TSBL is a place where you don’t learn you, you will live in a organisational atmosphere…..if my life is grown and all the things i have done in my life is a gem,  then TSBL is one of the precious stone in my crown !!!! – Mohan, MBA, 2012

Unique learning of all subjects. Good lecturers, comfortable learning ambience. We must take interest to learn. What I learned during my journey at TSBL…I learned that each personality type has a different idea of what it means to be successful. Self-knowledge is one common goal that will help everyone achieve personal success. So many people are hung up on somebody else’s idea of what it means to be successful, and they are unaware of what is truly important to them. This is completely normal. We all have important role-models and influencers in our lives who may have basic values that are quite different from our own. If we spend our time and effort trying to meet somebody else’s idea of success, and ignore or belittle any conflicting messages from our own psyche, then we will find ourselves exhausted and unhappy. Realizing what is truly important to us is a major step towards achieving personal success.  So be Unique always which has been relate to my Personal Growth…..S.Dhilavar, MBA 2010

As far as I experienced it is not a learning but more than that I would call it “Pedagogical experience”. The best thing about TSBL is close relationship with the professors and institution. I would recommend mainly because of its pedagogical education. – S.Kumanan, MBA 2010

My learning experience was really good at TSBL. The ambience was good and the faculty were friendly and at the same time knowledgeable. I was able to learn a lot about the subject in detail and also topics other than the subject. I was given my own time to understand and had my doubts cleared whenever i had one. And yes i would definitely recommend others to join here since they would be given special attention, individually.I was taught professionalism, work ethics and many other things which contributed to my personal growth other than my subject knowledge. So i believe that i had made the right choice by learning in TSBL.    – Roshan Anto, Diploma Programme, 2015

Learning was not conventional . The staff was Flexible and so friendly staff. Learning was fun as well as worth as we get to know many ideas which are not known before. I would recommend this institution since the lectures were not enclosed within books . I got the exposure through those video lectures and was able to know the reality of the industry and  the standards or expectations of the companies that they expect from their staffs and how analysing the flaws in the current operations of the organization / industry and how having a innovative thinking will enable us to sustain in the industry. – Ram Adithya, Diploma Programme, 2015